About the EsiShop

In December 2005, EsiShop was demonstrated to customers in a public forum to gauge the level of interest by the commercial sector in Papua New Guinea. The response was very positive and we have got some exciting additions to add to the website in the near future.

This website is Papua New Guinea's first e-commerce website transacting in local currency ie. PNG Kina. Since the first application was launched in 2006, we have enhanced the website to add other vital service payments and goods.

EsiShop appeals to those individuals that have a credit card or a VISA/Mastercard debit card (not too common yet in PNG). However the important part is to allow users to start getting the feel of transacting using their credit cards in a safe and secure manner.

Our Website (www.esishop.com.pg) :

  • Making it easy - We have made our website easy to access and simple to choose products and services. We have taken the frustration out of running out of recharge credits on your mobile phone by giving you better access to GSM Recharge cards through our shop front (24 hours a day).
  • Be dependable - At EsiShop we expect to deliver quality of service and an easy way to interact and obtain services and products all the time.
  • Be creative - We shall strive to make sure that we create new, interesting and different experiences and quality products to keep our program interesting and fresh

Special Thank You

The ability for us to transact in our local currency will not have been possible without the far reaching policy of Westpac Bank (PNG) Limited. They understood and backed the need to develop the payment gateway for Papua New Guinea. A special thanks has to go to the senior management of Westpac (PNG) for helping the country and us with their continued support.

Contact Us

EsiShop is a division of Data Nets Limited a premier and innovative provider of telecommunications and internet services in Papua New Guinea since 1993. Our call centre team are here to assist.

Phone : 7200 6000 or 3200 633

Email us online: query@esishop.com.pg